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When I married a police officer in (year) I had no idea that 7 years later I’d be running a company to help support him.

Point Blank Safety Services was founded to help me and my husband make ends meet and ended up being a much bigger mission that’s helping hundreds of families live the lives they deserve.

I was always good at outside sales, and after some failures and great successes in that world, I decided to take my experience, skills and talents and point them toward a business with a personal mission; to help police officers and their families make ends meet with an off-duty job where they could use their experience and training for great use.

What I realized, from personal experience, is that many police officers are forced to find one or more off-duty jobs to help support themselves and their families. They are passionate about what they do, but are often not paid enough to make their lives work financially. I could relate. I would often talk with my husband about his frustration around this topic. We’d work out our finances a day at a time and some days were more difficult than others.

Because of my experience in the corporate world, I understood the needs of those companies; the struggle to provide the right kind of customer service and a seamless path from hiring who they needed for their events to paying the contractors.

I started to fill a need. I would start helping those big companies find the trained officers they needed to staff their projects appropriately and in turn, I’d be helping the officers find the off-duty jobs they needed. This ended up being a win-win.
The idea grew to my company now having served over 60 companies and over 100 officers. I’m incredibly proud of providing this service and helping individuals just like my husband and our family create the extra income that makes a difference in their quality of life.

Now my company, Point Blank Safety Services, provides trained offers for traffic control and site security for highway construction and corporate security. And because companies can come to us for a one-stop-shop for their hiring needs, there’s a personal, seamless process that reduces stress for everyone involved.

For questions about our services please contact Stacey at 682-433-3070