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Point Blank does safety differently. Professional, trained, ready…there’s really no comparison. Here’s why hiring us for your next project will make all the difference and save you from huge amounts of stress and hassle.

Point Blank Safety Services provides certified police officers for a full suite of Armed Guard Services. If you are looking for more than your typical security guard, we can provide armed, active duty police officers. Our officers are in uniform, have the power to arrest and are fully trained to handle any situation.
Here are 10 reasons why hiring a guy with a flashlight will never compare to doing safety right for your next project:

1. Our officers are trained to respond to any emergency. Typical security guards are not.

2. Our officers have medical training and can ensure the safety of the public as well as your employees. Typical security guards may not have the necessary medical training to ensure that kind of situation is handled well.

3. Our officers have the power to arrest if needed. Typical security guards do not.

4. Our officers have a minimum of five years of training. Typical security guards may not have the experience they need to handle all situations.

5. Because our officers are in uniform they demand respect. Un-uniformed security will not demand the same respect in all situations.

6. Our management understands your needs in a special way and will provide the customer service lacking through other companies.

7. Using Point Blank will be a one-stop shop for staffing your project and save you loads of time, stress and money.

8. The professional mentality of our trained officers will ensure your project is handled effectively, safely and with the concerns of both your staff and the public taken into consideration.

9. Our officers will respond quickly, without hesitation, due to their experience. Typical security guards may not have the experience or reaction times that matter in an emergency.

10. Our officers care about safety. When you devote your life to a career in law enforcement you take safety to another level and it becomes a personal mission. Those are the kinds of people you want staffing your project.
If you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at (682)433-3070. We’re ready to work with you to make your next project easier, eliminate the worry and hassle, and give you the peace of mind you want to get the job done